The Church of Scotland

About The Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland seeks to inspire the people of Scotland and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing, nurturing and serving communities.

The Church of Scotland is one of the largest organisations in the country. We have over 340,000 members, with more regularly involved in local congregations and our work. Within the organisation, we have around 800 ministers serving in parishes and chaplaincies, supported by more than 1500 professional and administrative staff. Most of our parishes are in Scotland, but there are also churches in England, Europe and overseas.

The Church of Scotland works with communities worldwide. At the heart of our work to achieve these aims is one of the largest organisations in Scotland that has a pivotal role in Scottish society and indeed religion throughout the world.

Our faith

Central to the Church of Scotland is our love and worship of God through following the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.

How we are organised

The Church of Scotland's presbyterian structure and how it links to the state.

General Assembly

The General Assembly has the authority to make laws determining how The Church of Scotland operates. It is also the highest court of the Church in which cases can be heard in matters of litigation. The other courts in the Church are the kirk session and the presbytery.

Councils, committees and departments

The Church's day-to-day practical decision making at local, national and international level is organised into councils, committees and departments.

Vacancies and volunteering

See our latest vacancies and volunteering opportunities from across Church of Scotland and our locally funded posts

Church property

Find out more about our Church properties and our Central Properties Department

Safeguarding Service

Safeguarding is about preventing harm, abuse and making a timely and appropriate response if it occurs.

Communication resources

Church Law

The General Assembly acts as the highest court of the Church of Scotland, and has the authority to make laws determining how the Church of Scotland operates.

Stewardship Finance and Trusts

Teaching and promoting Christian stewardship, providing financial and accounting support to councils, committees and congregational treasurers, and dealing with legacies and donations.

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