Administrator of Christ Vision Network

Rev. Dr. Jashobeam Singh
(M.A., G.C.C., B.Th., M.Th. M.Div., Ph.D., D.Min.)

All rounder, good preaching speaker, well managing power, fully filled by Holy Spirit, Good hold in the society among the Christians and non-Christians.

I had a leaning to regular prayerful life with my family and it was the age of 35 years that I had a calling from above to prepare and dedicate myself for the service of the Lord Jesus Christ in response to His Great Commission, in a miraculous way.

I am doing preaching since last nineteen years in the different types of communities, villages in different people of castes and places. I did the preaching in the communities, villages, different castes, groups and religion, living in Northern India. God used me as by doing preaching, prayers and miracles. The God never feels happy when someone gets in wrong way or when some one’s life is destroyed, that is why to give knowledge about the change in life to get the eternal life to everyone is important.

During my journey through these remote villages, I realized the pathetic conditions in which tens of thousands people of these remote villages were living. I strongly felt that these people have potential to do much better; they are given the opportunity to develop their skills through intensive need based training in various trades. I felt that capacity building could go a long way in making them self-reliant. With this thought in mind, I interacted with likeminded people to join together with  Christ Vision Network and work for under-privileged and disadvantaged people helping them to become self-reliant through capacity building.

My vision is to bring Christian believers together from all corners of the earth, to provide innovative media streaming and social networking tools to individual believers, churches, organizations, groups, artists and families and to connect those users with new audiences of all over the world.

I believe that today’s communication technologies is a gift from God to His children in order to enable them through unity and in a Spirit of love and encouragement, to fulfill the Great Commission in our generation. I believe that the power of Internet Communication in a selfless way to use social networking platforms – in sharing people of the Christian faith to be audible and visible online, utilizing it to its fullest potential possible. 

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