Ye Are the Salt of the Earth

1- What is salt? : - In “The Word of God” salt does not stand for chemicals. The spiritual meaning of   salt is the fruits of righteousness and of The Holy Ghost (math. 5: 16). The characteristic of salt is its  salt-ness or savour which stands for the good actions of the believers of Christ. The taste of salt is  realized by the actions performed under the inspiration of the spirit of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is The Mountain of Salt, and those who bear fruits of righteousness are The Salt of the Earth.
2- “But if the salt has lost his savour”:- The savour of the salt is lost by not bearing fruits of  righteousness. Saltness of the salt of life is gradually reduced due to the absence of good works in the  life of man. And if he does not repent and goes on committing sins the savour of his salt disappears.  A life devoid of good actions loses the taste of salt and become tasteless and good for nothing. And  before reaching to such a pitiless condition, is there any hope for him to be salted again? Jesus says,  “Where with shall it be salted?”
3- Where with a salt-less life can be salted? :-  If  your life has lost its savour, come on and reach at  the bottom of the Mountain of Salt. Get some salt of power by repenting from your actions which  were responsible for the loss of the savour of your life. Have faith in Jesus and receive from him The  Savour and Salt-ness of his Holy Spirit which shall enable you to perform good actions once more  and gradually you shall get back the salt-ness of your life. It is never too late.
4- A life without salt-ness and savour is ultimately cast out in the Lake of Fire or Hell: - This is the  most alarming danger for the life without savour. Therefore be very very careful. Get your savour or  salt-ness checked not in a chemical laboratory but in the lab of The Gospels of Jesus Christ and try  your best to develop the Characteristic of savour by helping The Little Ones of Jesus Christ.
5- If you have developed much salt and savour in your life: - You can season the life of others with  the  savour of your salt. “Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.” (Mark 9: 50). So  that you can season the life of other with the salt and savour of your life. The fire of  The Holy Spirit  of Jesus Christ has the power to season your life and change it into a savoury salt full of all the  characteristics of the life of Jesus Christ and of the knowledge of the Word of God (Mark 9: 49, Col.  4: 6). If we keep peace with one another, we have salt in our life (Mark 9:50). Jesus made the greatest  sacrifice of his life for the sake of mankind; and his sacrifice was salted with the salt of his good  actions specially by laying down his life for saving others. This was the salt of his life. How much you can devote your life for saving others, and if you sacrifice any thing for others, it shows you  have Christ-like salt in your life. To forsake everything for the sake of the Gospel and for Christ,  develops much salt in the life of man (Luke 14:33-34).                          
   If you have salt in your life, the salt-ness of your salt shall erase all your rubbish from your life. It shall help you to live a life without sin, and this salt shall help you to rub off your sins gradually (Eze.16: 4). God can make his covenant with you permanently if you attempt to gain salt in your life (Lev.2:13, Num 18: 19).
  The best wishes and blessings from: -Rev. Dr. Jashobeam Singh

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